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Launch Party - Tuesday August 3rd - 19:00-21:00 

Project Presentations Day 1 - Wednesday August 4th - 17:30-21:00 

Project Presentations Day 2 - Thursday August 5th - 17:30-21:00 


The links to the events will become available here and on social media the day before the events begin.  

The Launch Party will take place on the meeting platform Wonder. You can use Wonder directly from your computer browser (Chrome or Edge are recommended). If you need more instructions, click here

The Presentations will take place on our MMT Discord server. You can use Discord from your browser, but for the best experience, we recommend downloading the Discord app (available for all major platforms). If you need more instructions, click here

Accessing the Launch Party on Wonder

  1. Click the link below to access the MMT Wonder Homepage

  2. Allow Wonder to access your camera and microphone

  3. Follow Wonder's sign-up instructions 

  4. Once you're in the Wonder Room, click and hold anywhere you want to be in the Room - your avatar will move to where your cursor is

  5. When you get close to another person, you'll form a Circle, (i.e. a breakout group or private conversation between circle members). 

  6. You can use the chat function to directly message someone


Accessing the Presentations on Discord

  1. Click the link below to access the MMT Discord page and follow the sign-up instructions. 

  2. On the left of the page, you will notice there are text channels and voice channels.  

  3. To view the live presentations, click 'LIVE Exhibit' under 'Voice Channels'.  

  4. You can use the text channels to communicate through text. 

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