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Resonant Bodies MMT Graduate Exhibition 2023
Resonant Bodies MMT Graduate Exhibition 2023
Andrew Bonehill
Resonant Bodies MMT Graduate Exhibition 2023


August 3rd & 4th 2023

The Liffey Corner Gallery

CHQ Building



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Anna Garvey
Nathan O Maoilearca
Oisin O Muiri
Tom O Faogain
Tim Doyle
John Wildgoose
Sanchit Khosla
Sultan Hernandez
Ellen Kruger
Grace Kim

I'm a songwriter and a guitarist with a keen interest for all things tech-related. I graduated with a BA in music at Trinity.

My project is based upon an ancient concept often referred to as the Harmony of the Spheres, which suggests that the celestial bodies in the universe emit musical tones. It was once believed that these tones constructed a harmony that represented some greater divine order. I aim to recontextualise this idea in the world of virtual reality, where you can create your own conception of celestial harmony in an immersive simulation of our solar system.


I graduated with a BA in Psychology and Italian, and worked in Italy for 3 years before MMT. 


My project is titled ‘Enactive Motion Tracking: Embodied Cognition, User Interface Design & Autism Intervention’. This will explore an alternative approach to Autism intervention system design, based on Embodied Cognition, Enactivism, and the idea that increased movement correlates to beneficial development of relational metaphorical understandings about one’s environment and social interactions. The user will be able to interact with this motion tracking system through a webcam, to explore different on-screen aural and visual elements.


I received my bachelor’s degree in Music Technology from Montana State University and was drawn to MMT because I wanted to find a program that was an extension to what I had been doing already. While at Montana State University, I was first chair alto saxophonist in the premiere wind ensemble and played baritone saxophone in the top jazz band.


My project is titled ‘Fission or Fusion: Examining Conditions for the Fusion of Complex Tones via Granular Synthesis’. I am conducting a test in the field of auditory scene analysis and this research endeavour is interested in the perception of sonic grain events based on variation of their relative time and frequency distances. Hopefully my research can shed light on how granularity influences the mind's ability to segregate audio signals.


I am a business graduate from Delhi University. I worked for a private company and made music on the side until I decided to take a giant leap of faith and move to Ireland for a year just to get inspired and make more organic music. 


My project is called ‘Applications of distortion on the human voice in music’ . I love the technicalities in music production and audio engineering and I want to work as a professional in the field.


I’m a bassist, cellist and composer. In my work I like to combine my classical training with the influences I’ve gathered from many years playing in rock and hip-hop bands. What drew me to MMT is the atmosphere of challenging one’s assumptions and perceptions while thinking about media in an open, philosophically-minded way.

My project is entitled ‘Tune of Bronze and Iron’ and involves an in-depth study of ancient Irish bronze musical instruments. I am composing and producing a piece using instruments sounds that are over 2,000 years old.


Aside from a brief spell on the dole, I have been working mainly in music education with Music Generation and at the Bray Institute of Further Education as well as working as a professional musician both nationally and internationally. I am active as a composer and arranger as well as mentor for up and coming bands/ensembles. I studied music at Trinity and have also studied violin performance and teaching at 3rd level at the RIAM. 

My project is a study of the current practice of production and presentation in recorded traditional Irish and folk music. As a hybrid thesis, I will compose, arrange and produce 12 minutes of music in the traditional style and explore how its presentation can be affected by a modern composition and production aesthetic, while maintaining the hallmarks of traditional style.

Trinity College Dublin

I received my BA in Music from TCD, and won the Geoffrey Singleton prize for best final project in 2012. After graduating I worked as a sound designer for theatre and freelance audio editor in London, while additionally working as a voice artist for projects such as The King’s Man (2021). 

My project is entitled ‘An Audience of One’, and it is concerned with the impact of different approaches, specifically Dolby Atmos and Apple Spatial Audio, to the delivery of binaural music. I will be creating a piece specifically designed for this audience of one via headphones to illustrate how to navigate the differing binaural approaches.


I received a BA in music production from Ballyfermot College of Further Education and came to MMT to continue to develop my understanding of music technologies used in audio engineering. I enjoy a diverse range of musical styles and am particularly interested in digital signal processing, synthesis and outboard FXs. 


 My research project aims to investigate the effectiveness of emerging artificial intelligence algorithms that are used in audio engineering practices. Using human and algorithmically mixed pieces of music, comparative listening tests will be completed to determine how the algorithm compares to human engineers. Essentially, I want to evaluate the role of AI in the future of audio engineering, by developing a better understanding of what AI is, and what AI is not.

Ronan Murphy
John Klingbeil
Roisin Doyle

After leaving school in the 1980s I qualified as an accountant, but music has always been in my DNA. I returned to college in 2015 and obtained a BA (Hons) in Music & Audio Production from DkIT in 2019. I’ve always been intrigued by how technological developments influence musical styles and the creation of sound and genres.

My project is called ‘When Is Not a Melody, a Melody?’. It involves spectral analysis of the harmonics present in various water sounds, and transcribing the results into music. Assessment of the final composition aims to establish if melody is recognisable anywhere in the piece, by considering issues such as the defining characteristics of melody.


I received a BA in Music from TCD in 2022. I am a composer and musician. In particular, I am a pianist and singer, whilst also dabbling as a conductor and arranger with the Trinity Belles in 2021-22. I came to MMT as a composer, having done music for plays and arranging music previously with the DUPlayers.

My project is called ‘Exploring Interactive Music Composition within Virtual Reality’. The thesis seeks to investigate immersiveness which encourages user interaction with music through their environment. 


I have been a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist for the longest time (find me under the alias ‘Holylight’) but actually completed a BA in English Literature and worked at a local radio station in Munich prior to joining this course. I have always wanted to study music and the addition of getting to work with such a lot of creative and useful technology (and a whole bunch of lovely people) makes MMT a dream come true.

My project is called “Exploring the Voice and the Body in XR” and involves an immersive audiovisual composition that can be watched with VR goggles and explores how the intrinsic relationship between the human body and its voice can be dramatised, reframed and played with via the presentation format of 360 video and spatial audio.


I have been playing/creating music most of my life, starting with the piano at the age of 4, later taking up the oboe,  graduating from Arts Educational London in musical theatre and playing with original band ‘Marner Brown’. Recently, I have composed music for media for companies such as Grolsch and Bord Gais.

My Thesis project is called ‘Immersive Creation’. It is an original visual music composition based on a classic visual art style ‘Lumia’, however, it is recreated for a 3D virtual environment to be experienced on a Meta Quest headset. It features interactive input from a MIDI piano that will be integrated into that environment sonically and visually.


I studied vocals in my undergrad, obtaining a BA from BIMM Dublin. I am a vocalist, composer, producer and recently, from the creative modules available at MMT, a visual artist. A goal of mine has always been to be a creative visual artist as well as a musician, so naturally I have been led towards the visual as well as sonic elements for my thesis project. 

My project title is ‘Creating Impressions and Expressions of Irish Nature in Multiple Screen Audiovisual Installation’. I am exploring Irish nature and landscape and how it has influenced Irish artists and their artistic output, through the lens of Walter Osborne and Impressionism and Post-Impressionism, Jack B. Yeats and Expressionism, and Stan Brakhage and Abstract Expressionism in Film. 


Before TCD I was exposed to Music Technology as a bachelor attending CalArts in LA County. There I was exposed to the likes of Joe Meek, Wendy Carlos, and Lou Harrison; all pioneers in their field. All Queer. With very interesting life stories.

Having arrived in Dublin, I slowly began navigating the various queer scenes and changes in lifestyle; pub culture, the various local drag queens, and the context of queer Ireland. Taking a break from music to focus on living in a new setting.

My thesis project, a set of films entitled A Tale of Three Cities (Belfast, Cork, Dublin) explores the various cultures found within Ireland’s three biggest cities. It is a take on the 1920’s film genre - the ‘City Symphony’. A day in the life; but within the context of queer Ireland. 

Queers exist all around. Pride is a protest. Everyday is a Protest.


Having graduated from UCD with a BA International in Economics and French in 2017, I spent 5 years working in financial services until I decided it was time for change. Music is a lifelong passion, and based on a recommendation from a friend of a friend I applied to MMT and it turned out to be exactly the change I needed.


My project, “Sampling Six Strings”, involves the creation of a digital sampler instrument using original samples of unorthodox guitar sounds. It serves as an exploration of the tonal characteristics of the guitar, and an investigation into the relationship between the guitar and sampler and the possibilities this relationship can create for music composition and production.


I studied Music and Philosophy in Trinity for my undergrad, graduating in 2019. After that, I spent 2½ years living in Berlin, mostly during Covid, self-releasing an album, meeting lots of other musicians and creatives, and enjoying the diverse music and cultural life there. I decided to do MMT as a stepping stone for possible PhD studies, but also to delve deeper into the subjects that interested me, to expand both my artistic and technical know-how, and meet other like-minded people.

My project ‘Enactive Timbre’, takes a phenomenological or enactive approach to the study of timbre (sound-colour), which is to say that timbre is an emergent property that comes into being through the interaction of the organism and the world. Using FOF synthesis, I will attempt to define a ‘Timbre Organum’, through the creation of ‘timbre études’ that highlight how these alterations could work in a musical context and just how much resonance alteration alone can shape the perception of timbre.


I’m a producer and composer from Dublin with a keen

interest in technology. I received a BA in Commercial Modern Music from TUD and have been writing, performing and managing my own music projects for the last 7 years.


My research project is called ‘Evaluating The Spatial Audio Quality Of The Meta Quest 2’. This project entails examining the in-built speakers that come with the head-mounted display and how they compare to industry-standard headphones when delivering an immersive audio experience. Additionally, this project will examine ways to potentially improve this experience for both the in-built speakers and headphones through the use

of equalisation targets and personalised audio.

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